Projects Report

This report shows the various collaborative projects between UNO and the community. Various filters are provided to gain a better understanding of how different UNO units collaborate with the community.

Project Project Focus Areas Community Partners Campus Partners Engagement Type: Activity Type: Other Activity Type: Start Semester: Start Academic Year: End Semester: End Academic Year: Total UNO Students: UNO Students Hours: UNO Faculty/Staff Hours: Total K-12 Students: K-12 Student Hours: Total Number of Other Participants: Topics: Other Topics: Description: Subtags:
Non-Profit Marketing Plans( Spring 2023): 2022-23 (3052) Service Learning None None Spring 2022-23 None 11 99 0 0 0 0 Students will gain valuable hands-on experience by collaborating with two distinct community partners. They will be divided into two groups, with each group assigned to work closely with a different partner. The objective is for students to create impactful content, including a newsletter, news release, graphic design, and a short video suitable for platforms like TikTok, tailored specifically for their assigned partners. This engaging project will provide students with a real-life experience that goes beyond the classroom, fostering practical skills and enhancing their understanding of community engagement. Traditional JMC 4250.860
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